Condenser Lenses

Setting up the microscope for Thermal Microscopy.

The following information is for upright microscopes only.  Inverted microscopes do not require a condenser extension lens.

Just as objective lenses have a working distance, so do condenser lenses.  The objective working distance is defined as the distance from the tip of the objective lens to the point at which the sample is in focus.  In the diagram above this distance must be at least 4.5mm.

The condenser working distance is the distance between the surface of the condenser lens and the point at which light from the base of the microscope is focused to a point.  In the diagram above this must be at least 12.5mm.  

In a hotstage the sample is isolated from the objective and condenser by the hotstage chamber so long working distance lenses are required.

Linkam makes extension lenses for condensers from a range of manufacturers. Long working distance objective lenses can be purchased from individual microscope manufacturers or direct from Linkam.