The Freeze Drying Vial System (FDVS) has been optimised for simulating the industrial freeze drying process in a compact and efficient form. By incorporating the vials, the FDVS works with a small sample volume and uses enough to simulate large scale industrial processes while still minimising sample wastage.

It saves time, money and the unit has also been designed to save space. It is mounted on an ergonomically designed table which houses controller units underneath and has the stage and imaging system.

The FDVS system can be controlled in the X, Y, Z axis with a 10x darkfield lens mounted in line with the freeze drying stage. With this specially designed optical set-up, monitoring and tracking the position of the sublimation interface can be done simply and efficiently. Real time imaging allows the user to see structural changes in their samples as lyophilisation occurs in the vials. A cold trap has been built into the system to condense and remove any excess moisture.

The system is fitted with two vacuum sensors, a capacitive and a pirani-type sensor which allows accurate sensing throughout the drying process and detection of the end point of primary drying. The top of the stage also features a vial stopper which allows the user to close the open vials once the freeze drying process is complete.  

NB: This system is currently a prototype. 

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