Food Science Applications

Linkam has developed a range of temperature control chambers for testing and visualising the micro-structure of foods. In addition to temperature, the environment around the sample can also be accurately controlled with options for gas purging, humidity and vacuum control.

We have also developed a range of options for testing the chemical and mechanical properties of food samples. The Linkam Optical Shearing System (CSS450) allows the structural dynamics of complex fluids to be observed directly via standard optical microscopy while they are under precisely controlled temperature and various shear modes. You can also test the tensile properties of your sample relative to temperature, and capture high resolution images of the structural changes of temperature and force with the TST350. The optical DSC450 measures enthalpy data whilst also enabling time lapse imaging of sample transitions at high resolution.

Linkam systems are compatible with light microscopy and spectroscopy techniques including Raman, FT-IR and X-ray.

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