Imaging Station Features

Imaging Station

Standard upright microscopes were not designed to work with our temperature controlled stages. Microscopes are optimized to get the best possible image for a number of different techniques (phase contrast, DIC, polarized etc...)

Unfortunately due to the confines of the standard microscope frame, it is not easy to get samples under the objective lens and into the stage.

We have designed the Imaging Station specifically to be used with temperature controlled stages. We have stripped down a research grade microscope to the bare essentials and pivoted the optics to give greater access to the sample.

The camera mounts directly above the objective lens and hence no light is lost passing through secondary lenses and reflectors.

There are no unnecessary slots for adapters and filters. There is a polarizer and analyser and a slot in the long working distance condenser for a phase ring.

Transmitted light is provided by a specially designed LED array to give uniform constant illumination. For reflected light applications the new, optional, RLS20 features 20 LED lights and is connected through a USB port. The light intensity is controlled through LINK. 

Standard microscope objectives are used so image quality is not only comparable to a research grade microscope, but improved, due to our configuration specific to temperature stage applications.

By using the Imaging Station you can leave the XY table on your research microscope and have a dedicated temperature control setup.

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