link image capture Module and cameras

Recording the temperature is only half the story. Seeing how your sample changes with changing environment such as temperature, humidity, vacuum or other parameters such as XY location,  tensile or shear force can provide important information about your sample.

LINK showing a temperature plot and image gallery

Many materials change colour, shape and size with changing conditions. For example Thermotropic liquid crystals undergo phase transitions as the temperature is changed, rubber can tear when under tensile force and many materials change colour as they oxidise at higher temperatures. By acquiring images as well as recording the sensor parameters, visual changes such as colour can be analysed, the size and speed of a tear can be measured, the size and shape of particles can be measured and all these changes correlated to temperature. 

The LINK Image Capture Systems make it extremely easy to automatically capture images at specified points during an experiment. Input triggers are stored and marked on the chart for easy synchronisation with other equipment. Each image is stamped with the current temperature so offline analysis is straight forward. 

Linkam have tested many different cameras and offer a range to meet the demands of most applications.

LINK Imaging System camera options

LINK Imaging System camera options

LINK Image capture systems include a reticule for easy calibration of your optical system in X and Y.