More Awesome Heating Stage Sample Pics

Our online Thermal Microscopy Gallery just got a bit more awesome thanks to some great pics submitted by Prof. Duncan Bruce.

When we get enough images, we will build a dedicated thermal microscopy gallery and award some significant prizes at the end of each year. (Yes, even more exciting than free spares for your linkam stage).

I know the gallery is getting a bit liquid crystal heavy, but they just look so cool.

Those of you in the LC biz will no doubt have heard of Prof. Bruce and his group at the University of York. Even so, you can read about their work here.

Duncan Bruce has been using Linkam stages for liquid crystal research since back in the day and the fact that he is still using them today leads me to believe that they're still cutting the mustard.

Images are copyright to Prof. Duncan W. Bruce, Chemistry Dept., University of York, UK

Please send in your thermal microscopy pics to vince at linkam . co . uk