HUBBA November

I know there could be tens of people beyond linkam that actually read the HUBBA blog posts, tens probably being an optimistic estimate, but to those treasured few, here is yet another awesome idea submitted in the hope of receiving not only the much coveted HUBBA trophy, but perhaps more so, the 50 quid in hard currency that goes with it.

Our T95 LinkPad system controller comes with a touch screen LCD panel used to input instructions to the Linkam stage attached. These seems to work beautifully on the iphone but with our LinkPad, the bevel of the LCD screen and the angle at which it sits means that users with particularly digits have a little trouble hitting the keys around the edge.

Hence we need a stylus. The problem was the LinkPad had not been designed to accomodate a stylus so we needed to find a way to attach it without some horrible springy telephone cord type attachment.

Our Production Manager, Richard Lloyd, came up with an idea of mounting two tiny magnets inside the LinkPad bevel which would then hold a small pda style stylus on the side of the unit.

Yep, pretty simple, but nobody thought about how it could be done or put into action.
Nice one Rich.