Linkam's Awesome New Hardinge SV150 Lathe

I just wanted to show off our new awesome Lathe, which has just been installed at our R&D blue sky lab in Holland.

This lathe was bought for its high accuracy 0.005mm repeatability in X and Z axis and capability to machine complex contours.
It has an incredibly stable iron base (3,5 tons) which contributes to the very high finishes (ideal for some new highly reflective surfaces we are working with....can't give anymore away for the moment)

A fully programmable tailstock makes it possible to turn long precision lead screws such as those in our TST350 tensile testing stage.
By using some new 3D software we can design and machine extremely complex contours and then simulate the machining of the component in 3D before having to make a single cut.

Look out for some really amazing new stage shapes and components.