The First Post

Welcome to the first post on the linkam thermal blog. We all start out with the very best of intentions to get into a consistent blogging routine with regular updates and this blog will hopefully continue along those noble lines. However, we won't blog for blogging's sake and will endeavor to keep the content relevant.

So what's happening at Linkam?
The launch of our new website is imminent. We are ironing out the last few details before it is launched into the googlesphere and hopefully not into an abyss of web anonymity.
You will be able to register your software, check for updates, view 'how to' installation videos, sign up for skype technical video support and apply for upgrades to your existing setup.

We also have a number of interesting new projects in the pipeline. Our humidity generator is going through the final testing stages and should be available in the next few weeks. Capapble of generating a humid environments from 5 to 95% in a matter of minutes at a fraction of the cost of other similar instruments currently on the market.
We are working on an ultra high temperature stage using completely new technology that will enable incredibly fast heating rates all the way up to 2000C in many different types of corrosive atmosphere.
New higher temperature heating elements for our existing stages are being tested as I type and will work with our versatile T95 system controllers.
Work continues with our unique incubator which will be the only microscope based incubator capable of being temporarily battery powered while cells are transported from the large scale incubator to the microscope with full range of temperature and gas sensors ensuring the atmosphere is perfectly sustained during transport.

So lots going on. Stay tuned for more updates in the not so distant future.