At last a new ECP that's easy to use

Believe it or not we have been looking for a better solution than the big green water circulator we use to cool stage body temperatures and peltier elements for years. We have tried so many different types of cooling device, water circulators, and cryo circulators and yet we still keep coming back to the ECP. We even built sophisticated peltier controlled heat exchangers but the costs just outweighed any benefit. We need a sealed system (you can't have open water tanks in a lab, health and safety folk go crazy about that kind of thing) that was low cost, completely reliable and enabled long term ultra high heating experiments to take place safely. The problem has been that with the ECP there were always difficulties in removing any trapped air in the system. Well the new ECP has solved that. It is super easy to use and fill. There is a special priming button to remove trapped water and the unit is slightly smaller. It just keeps getting better.

Here's a short video clip of how to install the new ECP which will start shipping in the next couple of weeks.