The Amazing Vacuum Tweezer

Linkam Adds The Amazing Vacuum Tweezers To All THMS Style Stages

If you've never used them you probably don't know what a big deal they are. The vacuum tweezer is basically a thin stainless steel shaft with a tiny suction cup on the end. The tweezer is attached to a tiny vacuum pump via a flexible silicon tube. You control the vacuum by placing your finger over the hole on the shaft of the tweezer.
Picking up 0.2mm thick cover slips with fine nose metal tweezers is pretty difficult but with the vacuum tweezer it's a piece of cake. Better yet, there is no danger in scratching the pure silver heating element surface which decreases heat flow to the sample. There's also no danger of getting greasy finger prints on the cover slip. Removing the coverslip sample assembly becomes very simple indeed, as you can see in the video clip below.
Vacuum Tweezers will be shipped free of charge with all THMS based stages from the 1st of June. They are available to purchase separately from Linkam, please contact us for more info.