Skype To The Rescue

If a picture is worth a thousand words, then a skype video call must be worth....I don't know.... a billion? Well, however many it is, it is a lot.

We are all skyped up to help you with your linkam equipment. We have high resolution web cams hooked up and ready.
I know skype is not exactly new, but it hasn't been particularly brilliant for what we want to do with it.
Sure, it was ok to talk to your Granny half way around the planet. You could use the webcam to show off your new baby in blocky pixelated stop start streaming video, with the occasional screen freeze and last second desperate cry of ''I'll call you on the landline,' as the connection crashed terminally.
We just didn't want showcase our products, or demonstrate usibility, in a stressful environment of wondering when will it crash.
Skype is so much better now. We have already been using it to quickly solve problems with several customers, which would have taken many emails, pictures and possibly phonecalls. With one skype video call, a problem can be solved in minutes or even seconds.

So how are we going to use Skype?
In sales support, we want to be able to show you exactly how to use your linkam equipment. Whether it is loading and running a sample or installing it on your microscope. If you are interested in a system, we can run a sample for you and show you how we did it.
In R&D we can show you how your prototype is coming on, what we propose to do next, show 3D renderings of the design and rotate them in real time.
In technical support we can help you fault find and recommend solutions without having to send back the equipment.
What's more Skype is free to use!!!!! All you need is a decent webcam and a microphone. Many modern laptops already have this built in. Just go to and download the software, it only takes a few minutes. It detects your microphone and camera and that's it, you're ready to give us a skype video call.

Contact Us to find out how to setup up a skype call with us.
We are ready to talk and show you what you need to start or continue working with your Linkam temperature control systems.