Where are all the Linkam Users? Google Scholar will find them

So what's the scoop with Google Scholar?

Well, those whacky brainiacs at Google have come up with yet another awesome little feature that will hopefully be pretty useful to all the existing and wannabe Linkam users out there.

Basically it is a search tool that enables you to search all the online scientific journals for keywords of interest.
So if I'm interested in doing some temperature control work with polymers and a THMS600 stage. I just type 'THMS600' and 'polymer' into the search bar and bingo, you get meaningful search data from only scienfitic sources.

It is still in Beta format, but it seems to work perfectly already, in fact, so much so that we have just added a Google Scholar search bar our website. It's on the right side, below all the buttons.

When you see a product on our site that interests you, just use the scholar search bar to see who else has been using that product and what sort of work they have been doing. There are literally thousands of Linkam hotstage users out there and many of them have published their work.
Give it a try, it's pretty awesome.