Tell Us What You Think And Win A Nikon Camera

There's nothing quite like the potential damage caused by an unsatisfied customer. Actually there is. There's the potentially viral rant of a really unhappy/angry/dissatisfied customer. The really respected person in their field that everyone listens to. The one person you don't want to tell everyone he or she knows about their total dissatisfaction with the product they just purchased that was supposed to solve their problems.

In fact I'll go one further. There's a way to limit the damage caused by such a customer by listening to what they have to say and taking the necessary steps to reinstall their faith in capability of your product. No, the worst kind of damage is caused when the company selling the product does not listen or is just plain ignorant to the customers dissatisfaction.

Just take computer giant, Dell, as an example. Dell had a reputation for the worst customer service on the planet, the company was tanking, but then one day they started to listen. Jeff Jarvis was probably instrumental in this, thanks to his rant about the lousy service he had received from Dell on his hugely popular blog, but if they hadn't started to listen and to act on what their customers were talking about among themselves on blogs and forums, Dell may well have fallen off the edge. Dell has now created a complete online support community in ideamachine, a portal for Dell users to voice their ideas for improvement, it has been an unprecedented success.

Linkam is built on the satisfaction of our customer base. We have always relied on listening to our users to improve our products. In association with the launch of our new site, we would like to provide our users with an incentive for good quality feedback.

We are going to give away a Nikon Coolpix L16 7mega pixel camera every month to the Linkam User who gives us the best feedback.
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It does not matter how old your Linkam equipment or how trivial your suggestions are, we want to hear from you. Your ideas may seem insignificant, but there are literally thousands of Linkam users out there and your ideas may benefit many of them.
All good ideas will eventually see the light of day and if your idea is good enough, you may win more than just the camera, we will also see if we can modify your hot stage with your idea and of course you can read about them on our blog.
Please visit our Feedback page and let us know what you think. First camera to be awarded on 28th August.