Spec War: Ramping Up Spec And Sacrificing Quality

Have you noticed that more and more manufactures of anything from TV sets to scientific instruments are becoming spec obsessed?

They are in a desperate war to out-spec the competition. Bigger, faster, more feature cluttered than ever before, manufactures seem to believe that in order to sell, all they need to do is out spec their competition.
And I would guess that in the most part this must be working. After all, super car manufacturers keep trying to squeeze more and more horsepower out of their vehicles, that in the most part, will rarely be exercised beyond a Sunday morning cruise topping out at maybe 50mph, if there's a gap in the traffic big enough to allow it.
The problem with trying to win sales by simply out-specking the competition, is that either the cost or the quality may have to be compromised.
We have noticed with scientific instruments that some manufactures continually tweak up their spec in an attempt to win a tender, then ultimately disappoint the end user with a compromise in quality necessary to achieve the tender winning spec.
In our game this is temperature control. We take extraordinary measures to ensure we can achieve excellent temperature control throughout our temperature range and deliver the very best value and expectation. We will not compromise by tweaking up our specifications and misleading our end users. We know that ultimate customer satisfaction is more valuable than any quick sale based on misleading info. This is why we continue to be at the top of the temperature control microscopy market.
Delivering quality within realistic specifications and meeting expectation means the product does what it says on the tin.