Liquid Crystal Phase Transitions

In our last post we announced that we were attempting the ambitious project of creating an online thermal microscopy gallery. I'm happy to say the images and videos are slowly starting to trickle in and I will wait until there are enough of them before launching the gallery online.

In meantime, I will post the occasional image and or video clip right here on our blog.
I'm really excited to hear back from Michael Davidson, author of one of the most useful and fascinating microscopy websites on the net, Molecular Expressions, he is also director of the Optical Microscopy Division of the National High Magnetic Field Laboratory, a joint venture of The Florida State University, the University of Florida, and the Los Alamos National Laboratory.
He has kindly sent a couple of short videos showing liquid crystal phase transitions using our THMS600 stage. I hope to get a few more and look forward to posting them on the blog as soon as I can.

Every microscopist from amateur to pro will enjoy a visit to the Molecular Expressions website, there is so much interesting content, from interactive tutorials to the largest collection of photo-micrographs on the net.
I regularly refer Linkam hotstage users to check out the Microscopy primer so that they can really understand the fundamentals of microscopy and achieve far better results than they would otherwise.
Please take the time to have a look, I'm sure you will find something of interest there.