Linkam Hotstage Web Albums

You have got to just love Google. They keep on giving away awesome free web tools. I know that in terms of online photo albums, is the most popular and perhaps justifiably so but we have decided to use picasa web albums from google. The free image editing software you can download is fantastic, simple to use and makes organising your pics a breeze.

We have put together several albums of images showing our stages in greater detail, so that you can get a closer look at the products. It's that thing about images being worth so many thousands of words again.
We will keep adding to these albums, including images of samples.
You can do what you want with these pics, download them, distribute them or place them on your own site and in promotional material if you are one of our distributors.
We want you to have as much info as possible before making your choice and hopefully becoming another one of our highly valued customers. Let us know if there are some useful pics you would like to see in these albums.