Thermal-Microscopy Gallery

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Have you seen the amazing Small World Gallery?
If you have even a passing interest in microscopy, or just like looking at amazing colourful pictures, then I urge you to take a look.
This online gallery is the result of an annual competition set up by Nikon to showcase amazing photo-micrography (pics taken with a microscope).

The top 20 pics from each year are really quite incredible, but I noticed that if there are any thermal microscopy images among them, I failed to find them.
So here's the idea; we are looking for thermal microscopists or really just anyone who has a thermal stage and microscope to send us their pictures. We'll build a Thermal Microscopy Gallery and we can all vote on the images. At the end of the year we will give away a high spec SLR camera for the best picture and we'll think of some other prizes for the runners up.

If you can help us make this online gallery anywhere near as incredible as the Small World gallery, then I think we will have built a really useful and perhaps inspiring online resource for all thermal microscopists.

Please send us your pictures. Contact details are on our website.
Don't forget to add temperature picture was taken, short sample description and of course all your details. We will add links to your site if you want.