Awesome New Ultra High Temperature Stage With XY Manipulation

Our amazing team of R&D creatives in Holland have cooked up a truly special new hotstage.
I think you will agree that this instrument looks fantastic but does it work? In fact it's better than we hoped. This instrument was very difficult to build but the results are all good. We'll soon have an update from Bob Bodnar's group at Virginia Tech who have been testing it extensively in their fluid inclusion lab.
This year we are spending even more time considering the usability and user interface of our instruments. We are focusing on details such as the feel of the manipulators, distance the sample moves with each turn, ease of sample loading, range of objectives that can be used, the reactivity of materials, the quality of the seals and finally the finish, to give our customers the reassurance that they have purchased an exceptional instrument.
These details are all considered during the primary design focus of stage performance.....does this stage actually do what I need it to?

The beauty of new TS1400XY is the excellent temperature control possible by using a temperature controlled horizontal ceramic tube, which creates a micro oven environment around the sample. A precise manipulator moves a sapphire sample holder in X and Y directions within the heating tube.
This is all accomplished with just 6mm of required working distance so you can still use decent mag lenses with relatively high NA.
The temperature range is from room temp up to 1400C with heating rates from 1 to 150C/min.
Accuracy has been tested with fine wire thermocouples and is +/-1C.
Contact us for more info on this stage.
In the meantime we have lots of new exciting products we will be talking about soon and some really amazing stuff coming out of our blue sky factory in Holland, that's if Apple doesn't poach our guys first.