Linkam Photo Competition Winners

The Linkam photo competition was decided in mid December and the winners pics have been printed and framed and will be displayed here at Linkam.
You can see the entire collection at the picasa online gallery here.

The Overall winner was Jack Verhoeff for his picture of a Robin with a bit of grass in its beak. Bit of a controversial winner in my opinion, but the voting was completely fair and apparently no money changed hands.

Second Place also goes to Jack for his wee butterfly, this is a great pic, nice one Jack.

Third place was shared as they received equal votes.
This is Jim Hayward's 'WaterWorld' Pretty cool I'm sure you will agree.

This beautiful shot is of an Indian Sunset taken by Hai Ho. He also received the wooden spoon for his picture of a monkey displaying it's genitals.
Of course, the picture had to be immediately removed from the gallery, however, a disappointed Hai Ho, argued, 'I took the picture because of the monkey's strange haircut'.
He did not have any further cause for complaint when it was pointed out that monkey's don't get their hair cut and even so, he had chopped the top of the monkey's head off so that the hairstyle was only partly seen anyway.

Another awesome sunset, this is Barmouth Harbour, taken by Rob Duncan.

Contact us if you want to see the picture of the monkey.