Q-Imaging Visit Linkam

James Francis, Manager, of Q Imaging UK and Europe , part of the international Roper Group, visited Linkam Scientific this week to provide sales training for the Linkam sales team. 

We have forged a strong partnership with Q Imaging over the past few years, with Linkam integrating a wide range of the Q-Imaging cameras into the Linksys32 image capture software, which is distributed across our world-wide market of unique temperature control products.

James introduced the new QImaging on-line learning resource QTube, which gives access to some excellent educational video content. 

Going on to the sales training, James impressed the importance of resolution, making sure there is a sensible match between camera and lens resolution - getting the right camera for the right job.

An overriding influence on image quality can be the C-mount, which interfaces the camera to the microscope; all too often relatively cheap, poor quality lenses are used and this negates the resolving power of the expensive objective lens. 
Ideally a 1x mag C-mount should be used so that there is no glass between the microscope optics and camera enabling the optimum system resolution, as seen in our Linkam Imaging Station which does not require the trinocular head containing correction lenses and light splitter.
Quantum efficiency, or sensitivity, is also essential when considering your specific application and whilst the QICAM range provide a good general purpose camera, there are better choices for low light applications such as fluorescence.
(see below)

Many thanks to James for making himself available here in Surrey after braving the notorious M25. We look forward to seeing the new Q-Imaging products and working together in the future.