Happy New Decade

So are you all brimming with optimism for the new year? The new decade? I certainly hope so.

2009 saw some pretty depressing times. Companies laying off staff, investments collapsing and all round financial woe.

Even the weather seemed to have it in for us, throwing down a few inches, and in some places feet, of snow, as if to say, 'What do you mean you've not had enough.'
Well if the experts are to be believed and let's face it, they don't have a great track record, 2010 is the start of the recovery. We may even see some return on investments.

We are especially optimistic here at Linkam as our T95 controllers are finally shipping and flying out the door like hot cakes (must be a pun in there somewhere). We are also near to completing our humidity generator to enable between 5 and 95% controlled humidity in any of our stages using the standard gas ports featured on most of our stages.
Our website is finally visible in China again, so to our many future and existing customers, Welcome back and apologies for the darkness.
Talking of darkness, we've passed the shortest day (21st December in this hemisphere) so it's downhill all the way to summer, yipee.
Now if only it wasn't so damn cold outside, I'll have to see what R&D can do.

Happy New Year from all at Linkam.