ok, so it's really snowing now

The Uk is totally rubbish at preparing for what in many countries is really quite pathetic amounts of snow.
We are in fact even worse at coping with it once it is here.
We don't have the equipment to clear it, the right clothing or footwear and the folks who've opted for a giant 4x4 to drive the kids to school in don't have the right tyres or skills to actually venture out in the conditions that their vehicles were designed for.
We, as a nation, are rubbish at snow.

However, 6inches of the fluffy white stuff have descended upon linkam and 90% of our staff are in! Although we have spent rather too much time throwing snowballs and making snow dudes than actually building awesome hotstages today. Worse still, is that more snow is coming down so we may not all make it in tomorrow.