The Perfect Pancake For Pancake Day

Keen Linkam Blog readers will already know that in addition to being the 'Go To' experts on temperature control microscopy stages, Linkam Scientific Instruments is also world famous for producing incredible pancakes.
Each year we work tirelessly with a team of world leading pancake scientists to develop the perfect pancake in time for pancake day.
By manipulating hundreds of different pancake formulations and testing using cutting edge optical rheology and temperature control microscopy.  We are able to study the mixture morphology and texture in relation to temperature.  With better than 0.1C control, we are able to cook the pancake using optimal conditions.

Of course, science and technology can only take us so far, which is why we ultimately collaborate with pancake connoisseurs to taste our final formulations and  confirm that we are still the best.
For more information, on pancakes and temperature control microscopy, please contact us.