Making Sure You Get The Right System

One of our main priorities at Linkam is making sure our customers get exactly the right system for their application.  We want to be sure that when that shiny new Linkam system turns up on your doorstep, it is going to do exactly what you need it to, right out of the box.

To make sure we get all the details we need to get an accurate quote out, we spend a lot of time in conversation with our customers.  Our website has a ton of info on our systems, but we also like to hear about the application first hand in order to make recommendations.

However, we also recognize that there are literally thousands of Linkam systems out there and many of our customers and distributors have experience with the equipment, so know exactly what they want and just need a quote as quickly as possible.
We are more than familiar with that feeling of standing in line at Starbucks, grinding teeth, fists clenched, while the Starbucks virgin stands there at the counter, gawking at the menu, shrugging nervously, asking questions like 'So what's a mocha?'-  and - 'How large is a Tall? Is that like a small or more like a medium?'
I've been close to getting physical in these situations.

We know you want your quote fast; but there are still some details we need to know in order to provide this quote, so we have designed a quote building page for each system.  This 'Quote Request Builder' is a few simple drop down menus with various options to help us configure a compatible system with your microscope.
If you complete the quote builder, you can be assured of getting your quote within 24hours.
Just click on the system you require and then go to the link to the specific Quote Builder Request for that product.