Awesome Freeze Drying Workshops

We've been selling Freeze Drying stages since 98, not that we were the first to build a freeze drying microscope stage by a long shot.  I remember attending the freeze drying conference at Ascutney Mountain Resort in Vermont in 98 and being lectured by one of the Godfather's of Freeze Drying that our stage was by no means the first and that he had built something far more sophisticated in 1956 and was still using it.
Of course we have never professed to be the first, only that we are among the best and the number of systems we've sold since that conference suggests we might be right.
However, we are not freeze drying scientists and interpreting the result from a freeze drying microscope stage is not a simple task.  If you want to learn more about freeze drying and freeze drying microscopy there is a great opportunity at one of three workshops being held by long time Linkam user, Dr. Henning Gieseler and his focus group from the University of Erlangen, Germany.

The Lyolearn Seminar program take place on:
April 12th, Princeton NJ (Doubletree Princeton)
April 14th Boston MA (Boston Doubletree)
April 16th San Francisco CA (Burlingame Doubletree)

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