Linkam On TV: So Did Cooking Make Us Human?

Keen Linkam Blog readers will recall us talking about the BBC filming a documentary on whether cooking food is what enabled us to evolve faster than the apes.

Well the show aired last week, so I apologise for not giving prior warning to set your DVR.  Fear not; those of you in the UK can watch it online on the BBC iplayer by clicking here. Those of you overseas will just have to take our word that it was....well....quite interesting.  We'll see if we can get a clip or something and put it on our youtube channel.

Linkam hotstage enthusiasts may well find themselves eager to fast forward to the brief glimpse of the Linkam THMS600 heating and freezing stage, in which case, you will need to drag the slider all the way to 42min and 10seconds to see Kathy Groves at the controls.