The HUBBA is Back!


It's been ages since a HUBBA (Help Us Be Better Award) has been awarded.  It's not that lots of good ideas were not submitted, but more so that HUBBA competitors were just too snowed under to make their great ideas happen (one of the requirements for receiving the award is to demonstrate your idea is feasible).


So, today I had great pleasure in awarding, Jane Vinton - our accounts, office, admin, shipping and several other thnigs manager - the HUBBA award for her great idea of using the shredded paper in thin heat sealed plastic as packing material for dispatching spares.  The paper can easily be ripped out of the extremely thin plastic bag at the customer's site and recycled. The amount of plastic to be thrown away is minimal and this way we do not need to use unbiodegradable bubblewrap, thereby further burdening horrendous landfill sites.
Ok it's a small difference, but a lot of small differences add up to significant change.
What are you doing to contribute to the change?