New Video Brochure for new Fluid Inclusion Stage - TS1400XY

Here's a nice close look at our TS1400XY stage.  This stage received quite a bit of interest at PACROFI - the recent Fluid Inclusion Conference -  hosted at University of Nevada Las Vegas.

Fluid inclusion samples sit on a small sapphire sample holder which slides into a ceramic heating element accurately controlled up to 1400C.
By using the XY sample manipulators you can then move your sample around inside the heater to view all the inclusions.

Due to the extremely compact design of the stage you can use high NA lenses with high magnification to view inclusions down to the micron level of resolution.

A special quench manipulator option enables you to quickly remove samples from the heater at high temperature to a pre-cooled platform.  This results in cooling rates of up to 240C per second.
Yep, pretty fast.

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