Linkam at the Royal Academy's Summer of Science Exhibition


We have some really amazing engineers and designers here at Linkam.  Our temperature control stages are the best in the world.  Really.  Ask anyone.


Anyway, our guys are not all scientists and so they are not entirely familiar with how our equipment is used beyond our factory.  So when we heard that our Liquid Crystal Pro System was going to be featured as part of the Liquid Crystal exhibit organized by the University of Manchester at the Royal Academy of Science's Summer Exhibition, we went to the Royal Festival Hall on London's Southbank to check it out.

Dr. Stephen Cowling, from The Liquid Crystal group at York University, gave a first class demonstration of how our hot stage has been used in developing liquid crystal displays.  We even got to see a prototype 3D display which will be used in gaming and doesn't require the use of 3D glasses.  Now that's an application that our staff could really relate to.

Many Thanks to Dr. Ingo Dierking and Dr. Stephen Cowling