Even The Design Gods at Apple Get It Wrong Sometimes


A few weeks ago, we enthusiastically announced we had solved the problems with the new LTS420 heating element.  The facts are, that although we managed to turn out a few excellent elements, we just could not get a consistent quality that we were satisfied with.


Not that I'm trying to justify our mistake, but I would like to point out that even the legendary Steve Jobs and his army of design gods at Apple also occasionally get it wrong.
You may have heard that Apple launched the new iphone 4.0 with a major design flaw that results in total loss of reception when you hold the phone in specific way.  Their response:  Buy a special rubber case to stop shorting out the antenna, or 'You're holding it wrong'

Well Steve, that's just not cool.  We don't play that way at Linkam.  Our LTS420 works perfectly, we're just not sending them out because we could not get a consistent surface finish.   Well, now we can.  So we'll be shipping the real thing and replacing all the LTS350 elements we sent out in the meantime.
Are Apple going to replace all the thousands of iphones with the badly designed antenna when they finally correct the design?  I doubt it.

Announcing we had this awesome new stage before we were entirely sure it was ready was an oversight that has caused both our customers and us all kinds of problems and for that we are truly sorry.

Ok, so we got all excited that we had designed this amazing instrument featuring a pure silver heater capable of heating a microscope slide up to 420C at 50C/min with 0.1C control and wanted to switch it out for our LTS350 stage which could only go to 350C at 30C/min as soon as possible, that was wrong, but we have put it right.....and have learned a very valuable lesson in the process.