T95 Manual Now in Spectacular Technicolour


Life is better in colour.  I'm not sure who coined that expression, but it's certainly true enough.  Black N' White is just so moody and depressing.


We decided that manuals are also better in colour, so we have invested in a sweet colour laser printer and have started to print our T95 system controller manual in colour.
Yes it's quite a bit more expensive to do this, but the manual looks great and the images are so much easier to interpret.  Hopefully this will make our systems even easier to operate.  The other manuals will eventually also be printed in colour, we just need to take some much better pictures first.  Please don't forget that many of our systems have also got video manuals to help you set up.  You will need to register on our site to get access to these.

We are always looking for new ways to improve our products, so if you have anything you would like us to change, please do let us know.  We are totally committed to improving everything we do here, yeah I know that's a cliché but it happens to be true.  How many other companies do you know, that print their manuals in colour?