No need to renew the Pirelli, Linkam is working on a 2011 calendar

Linkam calendar photography by Jim Hayward and Jack Verhoeff

The Pirelli calendar is a corporate trade gift, not available for purchase.  It has been in publication since 1964, although it was cut in 1974 due to the world recession, but was then resurrected 10 years later and is still in publication today.

Just like Pirelli, the Linkam calendar will be not be sold in stores.  It too will become famous for it's outstanding photography and limited availability.  However, the months in the 2011 Linkam calendar will feature artistically photographed world famous Linkam hot-stages rather than scantily clad glamour models.
Depending on the success of this calendar, 2012 may well feature scantily clad glamour models posing with hotstages.