Upcoming Freeze Drying Webinars

Freeze drying in action

Linkam have been manufacturing the FDCS196 freeze drying stage for years, and have produced some pretty cool images & videos using samples on this stage. Check these out in our online gallery or on YouTube. But what is freeze drying all about?

Well if you want an introduction to freeze drying, or even just a refresher then you may be interested in SP Scientific's free LyoLearn webinars that are on offer in February.  There are four sessions covering a range of topics from the basic theory to the applications of freeze-dry microscopy techniques for solutions and solids.

The full course outline can be accessed here, though it is not limited to these topics.  Renowned freeze drying expert - Dr. Jeff Schwegman - will be running the sessions, which will be held on the following dates;

Lecture 1 - 4th February 2011
Lecture 2 – 11th February 2011
Lecture 3 - 18th February 2011
Lecture 4 - 25th February 2011

For more info check out LyoLearn webinars on SP Scientific's website and register click here.

Rosie Hider