New Edgecam software means even more awesome 3D designs possible

HS1500 prototype made with Edgecam

Our R&D guys have just got back from the latest Edgecam training workshop to accompany the latest update to the software and they are all totally buzzing with the possibilities opened up to them.

But what is Edgecam?

Well it's amazing CAM software (computer aided manufacturing) that integrates seemlessly with the Solid Edge 3D design software we use to design our instruments.  The exciting part of Edgecam is that it enables you to machine incredibly complex shapes that you would previously have to cast.

In a nutshell, our design guys can make cool organic shapes and curves that are virtually impossible to program in any other way.

We will try and get some video footage of some of this amazing machining in action, but for now you can be sure that the new range of Linkam heating and freezing stages are not only going to be the best performing stages, but also among the best looking scientific instruments available.

posted by Vince Kamp