Some Christmas viewing... courtesy of SP Scientific and Linkam.

SP Scientific, a synergistic  group of four leading scientific equipment brands is hosting some free lyophilisation seminars.  As a company that strives for superior qulity and service: something very close to our hearts at Linkam we anticipate these seminars will be both entertaining and enlightening. As part of the audience you will have the opportunity to talk to leading scientists in the field and ask all your awkward questions.

Older seminars can be viewed in the archive while the next instalment is on the 24/1/12 at either 7am or 12 noon NY time.  In this one entitled “freeze-drying of human red blood cells” Dr Kevin Ward, PhD from Biopharma Technology Ltd, will be talking about blood preservation and refrigeration. This is a crucial topic as blood cells preserved by refrigeration only survive 35-42 days. Drying cells, so that they maintain both structure and the capacity to carry blood is a tough challenge. Past seminars have included a talk by our very good friend  Ruben J Nieblas from McCrone Microscopes on “'The practical application of freeze drying microscopy in product thermal characterisation'.

Ruben Nieblas

In January Dr Kevin Ward will be talking in detail about his findings and experiments and it is certainly going to be worth the wait, so book it in your diary and check out the prior webinars. I have certainly have...

Posted by Caroline Feltham