New Video Brochures with Linkam's Very Own Original Soundtrack

We have recently added new video brochures for the TS1500 and BCS196 Linkam stages to the website. These have a stylish new look, and Linkam’s own unique soundtrack, written specifically for the Linkam video brochures by Olli Cunningham of Amo Music Ltd who writes soundtracks for movies, TV shows and adverts.

It’s pretty hard to get the soundtrack just right to compliment the quality of our stages. We tried and tested a few different soundtracks, and although a bit of rock might get you jumping around the room air guitairing, it’s probably not suitable for showing off our products.

Thanks to Olli we now have a dedicated Linkam soundtrack, perfectly suited to the sleek designs of the Linkam stages.

Posted by Rosie Hider