LTS420s are flying out the last

Ok, I know we already announced this some time ago, but for those who ordered one of these stages it may have been quite a wait.  We can only hope that it has been well worth it.  There is nothing quite like the LTS420 on the market.  The pure silver heating element ramps up at 50C/min and has an incredibly fast response rate for such a large temperature controlled surface.  It will take a microscope slide right from -196 to 420C and control to 0.1C.

Building this element out of pure silver like our THMS600 elements turned out to be a lot more difficult than we had anticipated, but we've finally nailed it and so after nearly 2 years of research and development the 420s are now flying out the door at a terrific rate.

We are so pleased with the performance of this stage that we are going to automatically upgrade all existing orders of LTS350 to LTS420 at no additional charge and even though the 420 uses a pure silver element instead of the copper 350 element we will maintain the LTS350 cost.

The LTS350 has been a fantastic general heating and freezing microscope stage but the LTS420 has really raised the bar for temperature controlled microscopy.

Posted by Vince Kamp