Linkam bitten by the F1 bug


Now that the F1 season is well under way, the Linkam Karting Society decided to try and match their F1 heroes by engaging in some pretty high performance kart racing. So, one evening after a busy day at the factory, 16 of us representing all disciplines, trooped off to the Daytona track at the Sandown Racecourse in sunny and expensive Esher. Competitive spirit between departments at speeds in excess of 100 kph resulted in the usual array of spin-offs, crashes and shunting, but without any major damage to kart or driver. After two twenty-minute races the Mechanical Engineers from R+D emerged as the Red Bulls, occupying 3 of the top 4 slots, leaving the rest of us tortoises trailing in their exhaust. Anyway, all friends after the race, numerous beers and eagerly awaiting the re-match.

Ian Pearce