Freeze Drying Characterisation at the University of Iowa

Founded in 1905, the University of Iowa Pharmaceuticals (UIP) began when the Iowa College of Pharmacy started to dispense medications to the University’s Hospital, and since then has grown to be the largest and most experienced FDA affiliated pharmaceutical University in the USA. Since 1974 UIP has been producing cGMP compliant materials for client organisations. UIP’s very first client was the National Cancer Institute and now lists among its client’s government agencies, Centres for Disease Control, the WHO, the National Institutes of Health, and the FDA.   

At the UIP, Professor Lee Kirsch’s group is using integrated Lyostat 2 and Lyotherm 2 units to study formulation, collapse and melting of client formulations. The Lyostat 2 is a freeze-drying microscope which incorporates a Linkam FDCS196 stage, controller and liquid nitrogen cooling system. The Lyotherm 2 enables a scientist to achieve a more complete picture of events than conventional thermal analysis as it allows a scientist to perform two analyses at the same time, providing a Differential Thermal Analyser (DTA) and Electrical Impedance capability (Zsinϕ) in a single unit.


The Lyostat 2 system incorporating the Linkam cryo stage is used at UIP (University of Iowa Pharmaceuticals)

The combination of the Lyostat 2 and Lyotherm 2 instruments allows the team to investigate critical temperatures of client’s formulations efficiently and easily. This can significantly reduce the time in the lab required to establish these temperatures and so reduce the overall cost of formulation of a new drug, a benefit to both the pharmaceutical company and eventually the consumer. This also means new drugs may be able to be brought to the market quicker, improving the health care available for patients worldwide.

The unparalleled temperature control of the Linkam temperature stage has enabled a practical solution to a difficult problem in freeze drying formulations.