Under Pressure

Can you compete under pressure?

It's all around us, and in several forms, from the physical pressure that makes our ears pop underwater to the emotional and psychological pressure of trying to get that experiment just right... and of course when it all starts to go horribly wrong.

As scientists we are constantly confronted by situations that put us under pressure; how you react can determine sucess or failure.

Ever wondered how good you are? Do you have a calm head or fall to pieces?

The BBC is running an interactive 20 minute test that investigates exactly that. A series of simple challenges test your reactions while you listen to a emotive soundtrack.

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Micheal Johnson presents the BBC's psychological testTo test yourself under pressure you need a psychological test, to test your samples under pressure - you need a Linkam stage.    

There are three options for a high pressure investigation.

1 - The CAP500

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The CAP500 stage is designed to test samples within quartz capillaries that can be pressurized up to 600bar. Heated within a 50mm silver block the samples can be rapidly heated and cooled in the range of –196°C to 500°C at a rate from 0.1 to 50°C/min.

2 - The THMS600PS

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The THMS600-PS combines accurate temperature control with the ability to investigate the effects of pressure up to 14 Bar. Samples can be loaded on coverslips, or within the THMS crucible. The stage has a temperature range: -196°C to 600 °C at 1 bar, -100°C to 500°C at 14 bar and a max heating/cooling rate of up to 130°C / min

3- CCR1000

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The new catalyst stage from Linkam has been designed to study catalytic reactions at high temperature and pressure. Samples are mounted on a virtually non-reactive disposable ceramic filter within the ceramic heating element. The stage has a temperature range from ambient to 1000°C. The heating rates are from 1 to 200°C/min with pressure up to 5bar (with quartz window installed).

In the BBC's test, they monitor your mindset before and after each challenge. It's simple but the results are surprising. To have a go and see how you do click here

For more information on any of our stages, or to tell us how you did on the BBC test, please email Info@linkam.co.uk or add a comment below this post. Can't wait to hear from you.

By Caroline Feltham