Back to '82

Happy 30th birthday, Linkam.

Back in 1982, the world looked a little different: Linkam was founded in the same year as the first ever CD player prototype was demonstrated in Japan, the first commercial product of genetic engineering (bacteria grown insulin) became available to the public, and the first computer generated effects movie, Tron, came out.

While the rest of the world was going crazy for shoulder pads, pac-man and big hair, Arnold Kamp was quietly designing instruments in a shed at the bottom of his garden.

Arnold with Vince busy building hotstages.

From these modest beginings we have grown into a company with 30 employees in two countries.

Much has changed since the days when Arnold built the equipment, his wife Louise kept the books and their children Vincent and Jacqueline cleaned the machines. To read more about the story of Linkam please click here.

Today, we require 60 kg of silver and over a 1,000 platinum sensors each year to make our unique stages, and to keep up with demand. The iconic THMS600 was first designed in the 1980’s, the versatile LTS350 stage in the 1990’s and we continue to be at the forefront of design in 2012 with a new pressure and tensile stage. 

With these products, and dozens of custom-made creations, we have demonstrated our knowledge of the physical sciences. We have affirmed our place as the number one manufacturer in the world of heating stages

We have a specialist design lab in Holland and all manufacturing, sales and customer service takes place in the UK. Linkam staff have a mixture of skills and experiences: our longest staff member Peter Grocutt, Research and Design manager, started in 1984 and our newest recruit Bernie Garman, Sales Administrator, started in February this year.

As a versatile and family-run company we work hard and play hard with numerous outside activities from dinners to sporting events. Earlier this year our weekend warrior cyclists stormed nearby Box Hill, and not so long ago our wannabe F1 drivers were an active menace on the go-kart track. This weekend we are celebrating our 30th anniversary at The Savoy in London.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank all of our customers for their support over the years.

We look forward to many more years of innovation.

By Caroline Feltham