Packing For A Rainy Day

Knowing you are going on holiday is one of the best feelings – but it can also be a bit stressful. 

You have a limited weight allowance, if it’s hot you need to pack light, but even the desert gets chilly at night. You don’t want your good time spoiled because you forgot to pack a cardigan - desert stars aren’t at all pretty with chattering teeth.

In the same way you don’t want to buy a new bit of equipment, joyfully get it out the box, lift it up to show your colleagues and... crash! While the equipment is hardy , a dive from a laboratory desk - or heavy handedness with the delicate windows - may leave you with a very expensive paper weight.

So what can you do? Think spares.

Most of our stages have accessory kits that come with a selection of spare windows, samples carriers and other essential extras.

We also sell replacement heating blocks for most of our stages. You can remove a damaged heating block, and while you send it back to us for some TLC, replace it with your spare one. No downtime for the stage, and no need to halt your experiments mid-eureka.

Windows can be purchased separately, or in boxes of 100 for the coverslips/glass ones. That should keep you going for a while, even in the hands of the most exuberant user.

Linkam supply a wide range of spares for your stage.So when you are compiling that list – consider not just the bare minimum, but those little extras that help you prepare for a rainy day. You won’t regret a little preparation.

At Linkam we understand that accidents happen and we want you have to have all the help, advice and equipment on hand - so minor damage needn’t mean complete disaster.  

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By Caroline Feltham