Under the spotlight: James Wilkins

This month James Wilkins is under the spotlight. James is a Mechanical Design Engineer in our R+D department and works on a whole range of new designs and custom projects. 

How long have you worked at Linkam?

I’ve been here for nearly two and a half years.

What’s the best part of working at Linkam?

It’s hard to point to just one thing: the day to day variety, the working environment, the people and the fantastic products.

Tell us about your studies and work experience. What were you doing before Linkam?

After a disastrous performance at college, I turned the corner at university and qualified with a 1st Hons Degree in Mechanical Engineering from Sussex University. After spending a few years in the Midlands gaining vital experience at top aerospace companies, I found my way back down South and to Linkam.

Why did you choose a science career?

I nearly ended up an astrophysicist, but it seems that it was always my fate to become an engineer. Be it on a cosmic scale, or something a little more down to earth, I’ve always had a passion for the way things work. At Linkam I get the best of both worlds, creating instruments which help scientists probe the limits of our knowledge and understanding.

What makes you passionate about science?

If you were to show people 100 years ago even just a fraction of the technology we take for granted on a daily basis, let alone what’s on today’s cutting edge, it would blow their minds and still does mine. How is it possible for someone to not be passionate about science and engineering?

What do your parents do?

I’m descended from a long line of engineers ranging from mechanical and civil to electronic and electrical engineers.

How would you describe your average day at Linkam?

One simply does not have an average day at Linkam…

Has the company changed much since you started working here?

From the outside I don’t think that the company appears to have changed too much, but we’ve become much more efficient whilst retaining a decent amount of flexibility. Crucially we’ve retained a friendly working environment which is part of what makes Linkam, Linkam.

What are your hobbies?

Music, cars and motorbikes, generally the classic stuff. I’ve recently just started mountain biking too. I blame Vince for that one along with the scars on my legs. Errr I also bake because who doesn’t like cakes? (I’ve not yet found anyone here yet)

Where do you want to be in ten years?

Will I still be at Linkam? I certainly hope so, I genuinely love my job. Hopefully in 10 years I’ll also have restored my mini but I won’t hold my breath on that one. As for my personal life, family is quite important to me so wife, perhaps a kid, dog and maybe some chickens.

And lastly, where did you go on your last holiday?

My last proper holiday was spent gazing upon the Ionian Sea from the hills on the Isle of Zakynthos: beautiful scenery, amazing food and very friendly locals.

Thanks James. Next month we ask the same questions as we continue to introduce the team to you.

Thanks for reading.

By Caroline Feltham