Behind the scenes: A tribute to 30 years

As enthusiastic readers of our blog, you will no doubt all be aware that we have just celebrated 30 years in business. 

No? Well you can read about how we celebrated by clicking here.

Not wanting to miss an opportunity to once again mention how proud we are of the 30 year milestone, one of our excellent engineers, Andre Punsch, has made a short and entertaining video tribute to the work that goes into building the world's finest temperature control microscope stages.

You'll notice that the engineers involved in building our TS1500 high temperature stage have taken the opportunity to remind the design guys just how long it takes to make the current design of 1500C heating element. 

Thanks to Andre for not only making a great little film about our company, but also for bringing a bit of his typical dry humour to a contentious matter between departments.  Nicely done.

Posted by Vince