An Ongoing Fascination

At Linkam we are fascinated by our planet and the research scientists are doing to understand it better. One subject we like to hear more about is volcanoes. Look back at our “Exploring Vulcan’s Forge“ and “Application of the Linkam TS1400XY heating stage to MI studies” blog posts and you will see that our stages are helping scientists at the forefront of this research.

Tomorrow night, at 8pm on BBC 2, "Volcano Live" is the final of a 4 part documentary looking at volcanoes and how they form a part of our world.  Kate Humble and Professor Iain Stewart look to the future of volcanic forecasting. They also identify an Icelandic volcano which could put the eruption of Eyjafyallajokull in the shade.

Exciting stuff! Hope you enjoy it. I know I will.

Caroline Feltham