Picture Perfect

Getting the right picture is tough; ask any photographer and they will tell you the angle, light, focus and many other factors complicate the simple procedure of hitting a button and taking that crucial image.

The situation is further complicated for a scientist who wants to take a picture, at high magnification, of an opaque sample such as soil or metal during a high temperature experiment.

Well at Linkam we like a challenge... and our clever team in the R+D department has come up with this little device: the Reflective Collar.  

The Reflective Collar with its neat ring of LEDs visible.

The Camera, TS1500 Stage and the Reflective Collar on the Imaging Station. The reflective collar fits on the 10x lens supplied with the Imaging Station and features a neat ring of LEDs bulbs which create a uniform source of light to illuminate your sample from above. Using the reflective collar in combination with a camera and Linksys32-DV software a previously dark screen is illuminated and your sample clearly displayed. 

A clay sample viewed without the Reflective Collar

The same sample viewed with the Reflective Collar.

This reflective collar can also be used with other lens, please ask us for more information if required.

By Caroline Feltham