Partner Focus: McCrone

The McCrone Team (L to R), Ruben, Jeff and Alan at Pittcon 2013

Founded in 1956 by Walter McCrone a leading chemist and microscopist of his day, the McCrone Group Inc. in Westmont, Illinois is an internationally recognized world leader in microscopy, microanalysis and materials characterization. McCrone has a particular forte for solving difficult materials problems, and indeed in its early days, Walter participated in the analysis of the Shroud of Turin.

A key part of this organization is the instrument sales division, McCrone Microscopes & Accessories, LLC  (MMA) – the authorized national dealer for Olympus polarized light microscopes, the JEOL NeoScope benchtop SEM, HiROX Digital Microscope Systems, and digital imaging systems. The technical sales representatives at McCrone Microscopes are trusted advisors to microscopists worldwide.

Working with Linkam for the past fourteen years or so, we have forged a strong partnership, where the MMA team has become both an ambassador and expert in the applications and support of Linkam heating/freezing systems in North America. Long may it continue.