Under the Spotlight: Jack Verhoeff

 Jack be nimble: Jack Verhoeff carefully assembles a Linkam heater.

He's still one of the youngest members of staff at Linkam, but Jack Verhoeff is a key member of the Production team - and a long serving one too. He joined the company as a teenager and since then has learnt numerous skills: he is an expert caster of heaters, an adept tensile (TST350) technician and is now working with heater production. Let's have a look at the man in more detail.

How long have you worked at Linkam?

I have worked at Linkam for 10 years. Crazy, right? I was 16 and still at college when I was asked to come for an interview, and I haven’t looked back since.

What’s the best part of working at Linkam?

It has to be the people, there are so many interesting and vibrant characters here that it makes every day somewhat special.

Tell us about your studies and work experience. What were you doing before Linkam?

Before Linkam I was studying mechanical engineering at East Surrey College. A handful of students were asked to come for an interview and I was lucky enough to get a job here.

Why did you choose a science career?

I think science chose me to be honest, I always loved science at school and now that I’m at Linkam there’s nowhere else I’d rather be. (Sounds cheesy, but it's true)

What makes you passionate about science/engineering?

Thinking about all the applications and experiments possible with our stages is what makes me passionate about science. Let’s face it, science is the future.

What do your parents do?

My mum is currently counting down the days to retirement as a receptionist at a doctor’s surgery. And my dad worked as a service engineer (maybe that’s where I get it from) for NCR cash machines before he passed away in 2005.

How would you describe your average day at Linkam?

My average day at Linkam could only be described as 100% full-on, with a thousand things happening all at once. But we cope.

Has the company changed much since you started working here?

The company has changed SO much since I started, it's almost unrecognisable. There are new buildings to work in, new stages to work on, and of course new people to help share the load.

What are your hobbies?

My hobbies rage from photography [which you can view in the company’s stage art section], running, and most recently, cycling. The last two I blame Linkam's own iron man/boss Vince Kamp - his passion for hardcore exercise is infectious, to put it lightly.

Where do you want to be in ten years?

In ten years time I see myself with a job I like, a wife I love, and maybe even kids I want to strangle.

And lastly, where did you go on your last holiday?

I spent my last holiday in Barbados, which was one long Lilt advert.


Thanks Jack.

By Caroline Feltham.