Taking to the Stage

  Ideas session with Kent McDonald and Paul Verkade

The seventh High Pressure Freezing and Freeze Substitution Users Meeting was hosted by Cancer Research UK this week on 15-16th May at their London Research Institute in Lincoln's Inn Fields.

Attended by approximately 60 delegates, the first day gave us seven enlightening presentations on the experimental aspects, and results, of high pressure freezing and associated techniques. This was followed by a series of professional demonstrations; the Leica EMPACT2, the new RMC Freeze substitution unit and QFS for in-resin fluorescence preservation by Chris Peddie of Cancer Research.

Linkam were pleased to be invited to take part and help with sponsorship, and extremely thankful to Dr Lucy Collinson (CRUK) and Charlotte Melia (LUMC) for demonstrating the CMS196 correlative freezing stage.

Dr Lucy Collinson explaining the practicalities of the Linkam CMS196

This was an excellent meeting, and Linkam, represented by Michael Schwertner (R+D) and Ian Pearce (Sales) gained a great deal of insight to this field, and valuable feedback on the Linkam product.

A final thank you to the energetic Raffa Carzaniga who organized the whole event with logistical precision - it was a complete success.

We look forward to the next meeting.

By Ian Pearce